Today I saw my name ……

We read our names all the time . We read them on the post , emails , letters, facebook , phones and twitter.  My name like most people means so much to me , it is my married name , my boys share it and our nickname “Cordy” always creates a warm feeling . Whether that be it being called across the cricket pitch at the boys , shouted out as they receive an award and signed off on our holiday facebook pictures as “The Cordys”. Still, my name is just my name on a normal day.
Yet, today I had a wonder moment as I was reading essential midirs . It began when I was sitting on the couch , dog at my feet , teenager watching Soccer AM and heard the post drop through the letter box. I got up and picked up the post scouring it to read my name on it. The post for me was my copy of essential midirs and I sat back down to read it. I became engrossed almost instantaneously and the pages turned. I arrive at page 27 after a while and saw it was written by Sheena Byrom OBE (@SagefemmeSB). At this juncture the dog did look up at me imploringly but I ignored him after a promise of a walk later. The article was about the media and health care but also the use of SoMe by healthcare professionals. I was so pleased to read about Milli Hill (@positivebirth) and my mind was thinking how great it would be to actually sit at a table with these wonderful women not only the virtual table of twitter. When the moment happened …..
On twitter my wonderful twitter mentors Deirdre Munro (@deirdremunro) and Jenny Clark (@JennytheM) talk about #myomoments and this moment was just that. It was when I read MY NAME , the name I read over and over. The name I check is spelt correctly on essays hand insheets and the name I love . There it was in print – what a moment that was . Now, you could say it was minor because it was a my name mentioned by another but to me it was a moment that I will not forget.
As a student midwife we are told to read , read ,read and to be honest it is a good job I love to read. Still , the reading I have done since my journey to become a midwife began meant that I subscribed to MIDIRS (@MIDIRS) as a student wanna be. Reading the articles admittedly sometimes I had no clue what they meant but I perservered.
Today , as I see my name in that publication I see a beginning …. but I also know that the student wanna be’s that see my name will be thinking – “that could be me “.
WOW what a day …. Gratitude Sheena Byrom and the wonderful Rachel Checkland (@toffeelady08). Rachel listens to me for hours , she is a true friend and a midwifery sister that I could not be without .
Now , I best walk the dog as I did promise…

2 thoughts on “Today I saw my name ……

  1. Nat, enjoy the moment you’ve earned it, you’re an inspiration to your fellow midwifery students, an you’ll be a great midwife because you listen and you care…


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