Acornic Midwife getting roots?

I am writing this because I have faced challenges in placement , I have cried , contemplated , considered and had to step away to chill ! ( A day of nothingness but music, reading and poetry ). Still, I know that midwifery is for ME. Its emotional work with highs and lows. In my post Positive Beginnings I spoke of my ticket to the rollercoaster. Well, I can honestly say that that being a student midwife is like being on a carousel… spinning round somedays and enjoying the ride but somedays you just want to get off.

When Deirdre Munro said on twitter ” Cordy you are an #Acornic midwife “, I wrote a blog all about it. I decided to embrace being acornic , seeking nourishment from Twitter and my Twitter mentors. I tweeted everyday for my positivity challenge and encouraged others to be a part of twitter. Yet, I wondered whether I was growing ….

Ok …. I don’t mean in terms of chubbiness … (believe me when I say I am a first class diet procrastinator ). I mean as a student midwife, I was eager to be back in placement and be “with woman” to see whether my positivity and development had made a difference to the way I cared for women.

The short answer is YES… and that is because I was happier , I was positive, I felt supported in my Twitter family by my twitter buddies .Ultimately though , MY BELIEF  and COURAGE in my abilities had grown and although I know there is so much more to learn. I know I am ready to be the learner – the STUDENT I want to be.

So this Acornic midwife has her roots  and they are firmly planted in the Twitter global village of midwives ..Don’t you think ?.

Thankyou to @DeirdreMunro @JennytheM @RosieHotchinMW @sally5881 @toffeelady08 @SageFemmeSB for nourishing this Acorn with light , love and encouragement to grow . xx Love Cordy xx