Back to Blog – CoC Midwifery Joy !

I started to reminisce about my blog . My thoughts when I was training to be a midwife and the beginnings of my journey. I read them and smiled at the person I was and what I do now.

To come back and write a blog the trigger was becoming a practice assessor . The fact I’ve evolved to be someone that can assess whether a student can progress in their journey but also can support , reflect and build their confidence. This is a whole new thought process for me . Now I’ve been a mentor ( practice supervisor ) for a few years but this move to assessor has made me really wonder about how “we “ shape the future of midwifery .

Well , I’m a continuity midwife now and have been for over a year . I’m the person centred practitioner I always wanted to be . I have relational continuity with the women and families in my care . The joy and privilege of my work life brings me great satisfaction.
I share the love I have for my work all the time . Yes , I’m the midwife that’s grinning behind her mask ( thanks covid 19) . The midwife that people say “ you look happy “ too.

So, I trained in the traditional model with blocks of placement on the wards and then in community . I did have a chance to caseload but it was tricky to fulfill with set shifts shadowing mentors . I built skills in all areas and had mentors that helped me grow . I know I was rooted in midwifery at the end of my training but I didn’t realise how much I wanted to be the practitioner I am today. As a rotational midwife I wished that after I had cared for a woman in labour that I could see her at home and do her post natal care . When I met women for the first time antenatally on the ward and then never saw them again . I did love my job but something was missing .

So , I know it’s ok to say that continuity was the piece of the puzzle I needed . Yes , I have also realised that I want to show students the benefits of Continuity right from the beginning. That the model is the “dream” but that it’s not “call the midwife “ . I’m not consumed by my work . Yes , I have oncalls but there is still a balance with my life and family . I have my diary and my caseload . That I open said diary and know every person I’m seeing . I’m the dog friendly midwife that chats with the dog as I arrive . Who gets lovely colouring pictures from toddlers and older children that ask me if they can come be a midwife with me for the day . I am positive that this is the work life I want and the feedback I get from women tells me that it’s what women want to !.

Yes , I’m the assessor that’s going to talk Continuity …. the love and the “bug” for truely woman centred care . My hopes are that student midwives in my care want to know more and see that Continuity could be their future too .
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