#MotherBodyImage Cordy’s Campaign


When that line on the test is there and your dreams of a future as a mother are all around , the body that was yours alone is now growing a human . The body that is now a MotherBody has begun .

The Baby may be the size of a pinhead  . Yet,  there may be a bloat in the tummy , aching boobs and a spotty face to name a few . The body you might just understand is changing . The clothes , the make up , the shoes you wear may change quite quickly and the way you feel about how you look can be dramatic . The media may have shaped your understanding of how a woman “should” look and the pressure to be happy with your body can be overwhelming .

For me , I was a twenty year old that was shocked how quickly my body became a subject of discussion . Strangers commented on my size and weight . Family asked me if I was eating too much and offered me clothes that even with my bump made me look like I was dressing up as an oversized caricature of a pregnant woman . In private I loved my bump but to the world I was embarrassed.  Maybe it was my age or maybe I just didn’t see any positive role models to identify with .

After I gave birth , I did hide as the feelings of negativity crept in about my mother body . My skin was stretched  and still spotty . My boobs were full of veins and leaking . The clothes I had were loose and dark to cover my belly . This mother body made me sad . I didn’t revel in the wonder of what I had done . I felt ashamed that I couldn’t loose weight like they did in the movies and tv . So onward I went into post natal depression .

I don’t believe that it was only my body image that led me down that path as the birth has been traumatic , with appalling aftercare and isolation as a new young mum.

Still the mother body image was something I worked on for years , with friends and counselling . So that when I became a mother body again I was ready .

My campaign this February is about #motherbodyimage – the truth – raw and real .  I will write more about my journey but I hope others will tell me their story so that as women we can share the #motherbodyimage for all women .

Please send me stories 600 wrds or less , can be anonymous if you wish . motherbodyimage@outlook.com

Feelings on the mother body

What you want to say to yourself about your body image .

How we can help our sister , friend and daughters with their mother body image .

Reality V Media ….






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