Acornic Midwife ? Is that really me ?

What I need to grow – learning everyday #listening

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One day I will tell you all about #Normalbirthforlonenuts and how it came to be but today I  want to talk about  #Acornic. The Acornic midwife was a funny nickname given to me on twitter by Deirdre Munro (@DeirdreMunro). I remember when I saw it on twitter for the first time and laughed. It was obviously a link to Normal birth for lone nuts and our new logo. The logo in question is an acorn with a baby inside it. Yet, today I had a #InoMo (Innovationmoment ) when Deirdre again referred to me as an #Acornicmidwife.

The acorn as we all know is the seed of the oak tree, and we think of the saying .

“From Little Acorns do Big Oaks Grow

But what about the Acorn ?

It will need to be strong to reach it’s potential,  to meet the challenges it takes to grow and belief that…

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