My Steps to Midwifery Light

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When people know you have lost a baby they assume you want to be a midwife because of that loss. After recounting my story of the loss of my baby and the many miscarriages I suffered in my quest to have a “rainbow baby”  I shake my head when I am asked if I want to be a bereavement midwife.  I have worked with bereavement midwives and I am in awe of them but I did not start this journey to become one. My aim to become a midwife and the reason I am now at university is rooted in my admiration for all women and every birth. I have heard midwives say they were “born” to be a midwife , their beautiful births led them to midwifery or their need to make birth better for other women  has driven them to train. This makes me wonder ….

I definitely know that my journey did not begin because…

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