Twitter the Energy Bulb of My Positivity.

Cordy Positivity is my twitter name but as I told you in my first ever blog I have times of negativity. I know that I need to be positive for my mental wellbeing and  have mechanisms in my life that enable this. Yet, I believe that the darkness that comes with deep sadness can turn off the light when life gets complicated. To train to be a midwife is more than I imagined.  It was the light I wanted and the path that I wanted to be on with all my being but it can be too much. The emotions you feel for other’s , the learning that can be overwhelming and the commitment invested in becoming the midwife you want to be. I think that when I joined twitter back in October 2014 I was seeking positivity to enable the energy of my light.

I think Twitter became my energy bulb , a light that you switch on and it gets brighter and brighter. I connected to people , midwives that I found inspirational and “tweeted” positive meme. In January 2014 when my life was brimming with work , university and family commitments I could feel the power cut that is negativity getting to my fuse box (brain). I asked for support from the midwives on twitter when I tweeted . They replied with beautiful meme, words of care and compassion. I decided that to keep the light bright I would tweet “one line a day” ( sometimes this became 2 or 3 or 4 !!!). The wonderful community of #globalvillagemidwives and #wemidwives retweeted and supported my challenge. I tweeted every morning around 7am on weekdays  and a little later on weekends but EVERYDAY. It became a lovely way to create positivity , share positivity and embrace positivity.

I know it has worked , I really have become Cordy Positivity as I have been able to use it in many situations. I have connected to supportive midwives with the tweets and know the positive energy helps others to keep their light on. I feel happy that such a simple act can brighten someone’s day as it does mine.

So, 10 weeks ago  #challenge2015positivity was turned on  and now 70 days switched on by the energy bulb that is twitter it gets brighter each day. Come join the #positivity @corden1326.

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