Ingredients I need …

I was thinking about #couragebutter that @JennytheM spreads on twitter and the other ingredients I need in my daily breakfast of “self-belief “.  Ok.. Its “out of the box” but just imagine with me ……

The table I sit at is #twitter , it is accessible and is placed in the morning light- in my house it is on my phone and next to my bed everyday as I awake.

The chair I sit in is @corden1326 , she is holding me up.

The bread I eat is #compassionbread , it is shared with all I come into contact with.

The butter I spread is of course #couragebutter , this is being brave and having a voice.

The jam is  #positivityjam , it can sweeten the day.

Now my drink of choice does depend – reflects my #twittermentors .

@JennytheM –  she is #honeyopen-heartedtea , kind , soothing and healing.

@DeirdreMunro –  she is #EBPcoffee , firing up the neurones on the research , being protonic and innovative .

@SageFemmeSB – She is #nurtureTea , supporting , embracing and positive.

@sally5881 – she is #inspirationalOJ , bright, funny and smiley .

@flowerpower66 – she is #kindnessmilk , caring , sharing and wholehearted.

So, I have the ingredients for a great day everyday when I go to #twitter … cant wait for tomorrow….

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