Positive beginnings.

positivity tested today…. need some ‘me time’ .

Cordy's Blog

To say I got my ticket for the roller coaster that is positivity from my life events is maybe too sentimental and almost silly . Yet I believe that is how I became a positive person. Now I am not declaring that I see everything in a positive way and react with positivity in every situation but I feel that being positive is vital to my well-being. After the loss of my baby and the passing of my dad I had no positivity . I walked the path of grief and got very lost. As I write this I think back to that time when I was so confused. When positive things happened to the people around me I did not feel, I looked at them and smiled then I congratulated them on their joy. I knew my life was negative. I did not want to accept my broken lifeā€¦

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