Its Raining ,its Pouring but not on my Path of Sunshine #Positivity

The rain is non-stop , the sky is grey , the wind is blowing and it could make me feel blue. Still,today as I sit at my laptop ; I feel happy with sunshine in my life. The happiness of sunshine comes from within as I recognise my life as it is. I have a great life , wonderful sons , supportive husband , friends that I cherish and I am fulfilled .What a great feeling that is…

Yet, the path I walk on to midwifery is a challenge as it can feel so overwhelming. The feelings evoked by others, the time that passes so quickly with deadlines looming, the childcare arrangements that need to fit to an off duty and the balancing act of my life. I suppose you could say it is like todays weather , some days it is raining and grey when you feel like you have taken on too much. Those days are the days when the training to become a midwife seems too hard and the responsibility can feel like a great weight. Those days can feel long …

Then there is the feeling I have today in the warm surrounded by my family with the sunshine provided by their laughter and positivity. I liken that to a day in training whereby you care , embrace and show compassion for the woman birthing her baby. You witness the joy, love in the room and know you are home. By that I mean the place of a midwife , to be “with woman”.

So on a grey day when the rain is pouring I know I need to remember how I feel today about my life and I will stay on the sunshine path ~ Positivity.

Today, I

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