Midwifery Identity with a little help from my Friends

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When you meet a person that “gets you”, that you can say what you think and share your emotions.  You need to tell them…

At the end of my 1st yr in midwifery I felt alone , not physically but in my ideas and my enthusiasm. My fellow cohort member Rachel chatted with me and we connected. She was that person I had been looking for. She got “me” and I “got” her. We shared ideas and opinions. We debated our views and challenged each other to think “outside the box”. We attended a study day together , on that day we decided to join up to become the “lone nuts”. We had watched the leadership clip and Sheena Byrom had spoke about making change.We wanted to do that. The facebook page “Normal Birth for Lone nuts” was birthed!!!. The “lone nut” wants to create a movement so we did. We passionately believed in…

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