Like Father, Like daughter #inspiration

I saw a meme that said a girl’s dad is her first hero…..

I was a girl that loved her dad, he was funny and his laugh was so true it made you smile inside and out. I grew up and of course I did things that I know disappointed my dad – dropping out of my law degree and having a baby at 20 ( yes these were major).

Yet,  when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour – Life was changed forever.

The man I took for granted – My dad who would help me no matter what I did or said, My dad who loved my son and would spend his time off looking after him so I could go to work, My dad that took me on holidays that created wonderful memories.My dad that would put on some music and dance with us all.

My Dad, a man who left school at 15 to be a footballer ( he played for Arsenal Youth ), who was a pipefitter when he lost his football career to injury , worked his way up to take his qualifications and finally got the job he truly loved when he was 48. He worked hard and paid to get a degree and then he got his masters.( sadly he did not get to ever put this after his name)

A year later , I kissed my Dad goodbye for the last time …

Time passed and I began my degree in Midwifery – so many moments along the way I had just wanted to share with him. I wanted to show him the things I was doing , the little things that made me smile and hear him laugh again.I wanted him to say I was doing great and that I could do anything I set my mind too.

Lately I have been asked ” Why are you doing all this extra stuff ?” ( NBFLN, TimeToGrow, RCMSMF and of course a cheeky blog ). I answer “because I want to and because I love it ” . I remember my dad working on his degree , papers everywhere, covering the conservatory floor , dad with a pen behind each ear and his posh fountain pen in his hand writing for hours. He did it all whilst working full time , being a dad, husband  and wonderful graggy ( my son’s peculiar name for him).  He worked hard to reach his goal ….and  I suppose the truth is so am I. I am as my mother says” my fathers’s daughter ” , though she does tend to use this when it comes to my driving and odd rituals of parking in the same space at the supermarket !!.

So Today I write this and give thanks for having a dad like mine.

My Dad – My Hero …. My inspiration.


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