Positively sharing; An Acornic journey to protonicity

I sent a message to a twitter friend saying ” my heart is telling me to write – to share my positivity “. She replied with this …..
“Do What makes your Heart Sing, your Eyes Sparkle and your Soul Soar.”

My mind and heart roared out Positivity!!!.

My heart sings when I care for women and their families, being with midwives as part of a team and the life events we share.
My eyes sparkle as I feel  the love and the positivity.
My soul soars as the people around me find their positivity , their spark of protonicity and share that with the people they care for.

” I tweet positivity with an open heart.” @corden1326

I believe that I am on an acornic (a seed seeking the elements to grow ) journey in Midwifery, with my life journey and admiration of women firmly rooted. In my life I have needed resilience to keep moving forward, to keep my sparkle. Positivity has made the difference to face challenges and find happiness. The life lesson that I have learnt recently is that  sharing positivity with other people increases positivity. Its like smiling , share your smile with someone and they smile back. If I share positivity then another person may find it ……

I know that my intuition guides me and I know that I look for light; that is in people and surrounds them. I will admit that when I joined twitter , I was a little lost and felt that I did not fit the mould of a typical student. I find positivity in situations that many people would not understand and it makes me different in my approach to care. I know this led me to search for midwives that I could stand “tall” with , those that would encourage my differences and nurture the positivity that would shape the practitioner I hoped to become.

I reached out to join a wider community of midwives through twitter – seeking the light. I found #globalvillagemidwives and my #twitterbuddies. I can honestly say that my connections to them have given me strength , courage and a belief in myself that I never knew existed. A little tweet of positivity has made my day brighter, to feel enveloped by it. It may be a strange thing to say but I think by sharing my positivity with others I have learnt to love the person I am. I love my positive self – #positivelysharing.

“Love is the opposite of fear. The more we’re willing to love and trust who we are, the more we attract those qualities in ourselves. When we are on a streak of being frightened or upset or worried or not liking ourselves , isn’t it amazing how everything goes wrong in our lives ?. Its the same when we really love ourselves . Everything starts to go on a winning streak and we get green lights and the parking spaces . We get up in the morning and the day flows beautifully ” Louise Hay.

I really think this is so true as it has happened since I began to tweet , the more positive I am on twitter , the more positive I have felt and the more positivity I welcomed in all aspects of my life. It can be a simple thing, one line , one word , a picture that is positive. I tweeted ” challenge positivity” , sending out positive messages from the positivity surrounding me. This sounds a little weird but I feel it and it is truth. As I send messages of positivity , I receive it back. I know it reinforces my belief that life is a journey that needs positivity. It has made it easier for me to keep that positivity no matter what is happening around me and it keeps my spark ignited. The little messages I share are retweeted and shared to others, thus engaging tweet conversation of positivity and support for each other. This makes my heart sing and my soul soar , it has taken my positivity higher, happiness flowing beautifully and has given me courage to keep believing .

So my message to you is to find and  share positivity …a little gesture , a word , a line , a picture and see how it makes you feel.

Tweet me your #positivity and lets “tweet up ” how positive it can be to become a midwife , be a midwife , love midwifery and love ourselves.



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