Mentors and Me #Gratitude

At times in my training I called myself a “minion” (POSITIVELY) in a jokey way as I followed my mentor .Sometimes to the point of her saying ” Nat I’m going to the toilet – do you need to go to ? ” . Ha ha …well sometimes I just said ” Yes I do”. However ,the learning and the environment means that the mentor is the “person” you look for  and you find yourself watching their every move . I can liken it to being the new person at school or work and you are allocated  a “buddy” who you want to impress and look up to. The relationship is a tricky balance as the mentor does her/his job as a Midwife and you are her/his second job being your mentor .I know sometimes I was in her way and sometimes I was annoying when I asked questions that were not straight forward ( picking your moment is an art form ).However, I think the recognition of mentoring as a huge responsibility was something I realised straight away. I was lucky that I built rapport with my mentors and worked hard to show them my love for midwifery. I found myself parroting my mentor (  this is positive as we learn so much by repetition ) and trying to be like her ( assimilating and role-modelling at its best!!) .

I write this reflecting on the great experience with wonderful mentors that I feel so privileged to have “grown” with. Yet, I know my personality helped those relationships along with my enthusiasm for learning . The positive attitude was commented on throughout my transcripts and skills of reflective practice that aided me to find my way of being a Midwife.As I come to the end of my degree  I hear the voices of my mentors of my training in my head still guiding me.They planted some wonderful seeds that are growing every day that little bit more.I know that I take them with me as I develop  and was taught so much BUT I  also know I am not them and no longer a “minion”. I am ME and full of gratitude for my journey in midwifery .

#Mentors #Gratitude

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